Summer Shows

Walter Bogad, Karen Linden and Bev Bourassa are taking over the Summer Shows reins from Harvey Kimmelman. Although not finalized, the show committee is planning on having just one longer, bigger, better show that will be a cross between our Juried and Members. What we do know, so far, is that it still will be held at the Masonic Temple in Great Barrington. Mia Weiner, who deals in old master drawings, paintings and owned the Pinacoteca Gallery in Bantam, CT along with Tony Antonios, Sculptor, National Academician, and popular instructor at the Art Students League, in N.Y.C. have tentatively agreed to be the judges. There’s a strong rationale for just having one show as attendance has always dropped off dramatically in August and, no matter how we’ve tried, we couldn’t convince the public that there was more than one show, so why not just give them one good one.

More information to follow.