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A warm welcome to our newest members:

Kerry Milliken, Great Barrington, MA, Mary Buchan, Rochester, NY, Caryn King, Southfield, MA and Gary Gemini, Wolcott, CT

The Big Sky Workshop,  May 18th and 19th:


Harvey Kimmelman spent his 4th consecutive year at Jerry Fresia’s Impressionist Painting Workshop, in  St. Petersburg FL, in February. Besides enjoying the sun and warmth all week, he actually got some painting done





Oh No…The Model Didn’t Show Up!

It happens every so often when everyone shows up to draw but the model. It happened on March 13, when Harvey received a text at 5pm, the time we’re supposed to start our session, that our model had to cancel. Nine people were gathered around anxious to get their pencils moving. A situation made worse by the fact that bad weather had cancelled out the previous 4 weeks of Life Drawing. What to do…what to do…what to do! Well, what we did was pose for each other. Below is Pat Hogan’s and Harvey Kimmelman’s sheets of quick 10 minute portraits. Recognize anyone?

For more information on the Wednesday evening life drawing session, see the Workshops Page.


Italian Painting Holiday III took place the first week in September. This year 11 people squeezed around Alma Ortolan’s dining table at her beautiful 15th century palazzo, in Serravalle (Vittorio Veneto), Italy. The members who par-ticipated this year were Ellen Murtagh, Karen Linden (her 3rd time), Tina Chandler, Bob Gold-stein, Kyle Higgens, Susan Johnson, and group organizer Harvey Kimmelman. Susan Kay, apainter from London and friend of both Harvey & HVAL, was artist number 

8. Rounding out the 11 were Tina’s family; husband Rusty, son-in-law Chis Higgens, and son Kelly Doughty. Despite a couple of days of rain, the week turned out “Magnifico”, with fabulous meals accompanied by wonderful wines & prosecco, all prepared by Alma, her mother Eleonora and Ernest, in a beautiful, picturesque setting. The week was filled with stimulating camaraderie, lot’s of laughter (maybe caused by a wee bit too much grappa), and even quite a bit of painting.

Each year seems to get better and better, as canbe attested by Karen Linden, Susan Kay and BobGoldstein, who have already said they’re comingback next year!

You can see the results in the next “Made In Italy III” group show at the Sheffield Library in May.


Susan Bachelder has started a collection of movies related to artists and artist’s lives that will be the core of a lending library for those who would like to borrow them on a short term basis for viewing. Among those available are films about Artemisia, in French with English subtitles and a definite R rating; Jackson Pollack; Georgia O’Keeffe; Freda; and two chestnuts – one aboutVan Gogh with Kirk Douglas, and the other about Michaelangelo with Charlton Heston (especially timely with the Michaelangelo Drawing exhibition now at the Met). These will be shown on the last Sunday of the month at the Bushnell-Sage Library in Sheffield.  See the Monthly Program Page ‎ for film notices.


 Violet Wilcox had her drawing, “The Hand of Elroy Face” chosen for the sign dedicating a baseball feld in his honor in Spencertown, NY, his birthplace. Elroy Face, for those few members too young to remember, was a great pitcher for the Pittsburg Pirates in the 1950s & 60s.

 Members Currently Showing Their Work


Mike Lebowitz has rented a booth at the Emporium Art & Antique Center, 162 Main St., Great Barrington, to show his artwork. Drop by and see his amazing sculptures and paintings.


Pat Hogan has a solo show at the Berkshire Museum through April 28. The fourteen works on display, primarily in acrylic and mixed media, demonstrates Pat’s mastery of texture, color, and collage. She incorporates found objects, and builds layers up only to chip them away, creating unique patterns and surfaces. Pat’s mixed-media painting, “Winter” (above), won Best in Show in the Berkshire Museum’s 2018 Art of the Hills



If you haven’t seen Mike Lebowitz’s work, get over to Hudson, NY, where he has 14 sculptures and 10 paintings on display. It’s on until this summer, at the Magic Hill Gallery, 558 Warren St., Hudson, NY

Joe Baker’s pastel “Hold Still 2” has been accepted into the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) 34th Juried Exhibition which will be part of the PastelWorld Exhibition this June 5-9 in Albuquerque, NM at the IAPS Convention.





Made In Italy III. Harvey Kimmelman is part of the the “Made In Italy” group show, along with Tina Chandler, Karen Linden, Kyle Higgins, Susan Johnson, Susan Kay, & Bob Goldstein, at the Bushnell-Sage Library in Sheffield. The show features work from, or inspired by, last September’s Italian Painting Holiday trip. It opens May 1 and runs the entire month, with the opening reception on May 3 from 5 to 7 p.



Marilyn Orner had her work selected for the “Garden of Delights” invitational show at the Spencertown Academy. The reception is May 18, from 4-6 p.m. The show runs from May 18 through June 16, on Saturdays and Sundays. Her work was chosen after a curator saw her paintings at last summer’s HVAL show!

To all members:  Post a notice of your show on the HVAL website.

If you are having a show, you can have a notice with a picture of your work on the HVAL website and Facebook page. Contact:  Ann-Marie Light